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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Basics
Fullnames : aqilah aufa binti ismail
Nicknames : afa
Hometown : kedah
Current Hair Color : Hitam 
Natural Hair Color : ta panjang ta pendek
Tall or Short : sangat rendah kot weh
Piercings : telinga ja hahha
Tattoos : tadak
Righty or Lefty : rightyy
Middle School : SK convent ,a.s <1-4> /sk langkasuka<5-6>
High School : SMK che tom
Siblings : three
Wear glasses/contacts : nope

First Bestfriend : zulaika kut. *lupa weh*
First Celebrity Crush :tataw -.-
First Teacher : ckgu putih pa tataw
First Scary Movie :ju on kut. tah la weii aku pelupa =='
First Pet : tadak kut.ehh .hamster kut.*lupa

Last Thing You Ate : roti gardenia
Last Thing You Drank : ayaq sirap*semalam
Last Person You Texted : my love *b syg
Last Person You Called : my love *b sygLast Song You Listened To : speak now kut *buka blog tadi
Last Time You Cried:hari pa tataw *gadoh nan kawanLast Book You Read : faceBook,
Last Time You Painted Your Nails : few months ago

Next Trip You'll Go On : balik kampong.*kut lah
Next Thing You're Going To Eat : tah .ada kenduri ruma jiran
Next Book You're Going To Read : faceBook jgak
Next Thing You'll Do After This Survey : pegi mandi *kalau rajin*

Color : pink white turqoise yellow
TV Show : rookie blue *cita chanel 701 suma tgk .
Drink : twister
Animal : tadak .tapi suka tgk kucing parsi
Day of the Week : tataw la na kata

Have You Ever
Been in the Hospital : mlawat org sakit ja
Had Surgery : dakk.
Failed a Grade : takk. aku pandai.*cehh
Been Arrested : dak jugokk.
Been Camping : tah. penah kot
Stayed Awake Longer That 24 Hours : tk pnah la bodoo. tidur harus diutamakn.
Studied Abroad : tak pnah dan mmg tak hingin.
Been in a Car Accident : penah*sikit jaa
Caused a Car Accident : hampir.
Broken a Cellphone : ofkos la deii
Prank Called a Teacher : dakk. aku budak baikk.
Kissed a Total Stranger : tak pnah la bodohh
Gone Bungee Jumping : dakkkk
Ridden a Rollercoaster : yeahh*likelike

This Year Have You
Gotten a New Job : yes. part time suri rumah kot .zzzzzzzz
Gotten a New Pet : nope
Bought a Car : dak. duit nk beli dslr pun xcukop g .hahah
Bought New Clothes : yaaa*harus
Change Your Appearance : ye. ntah, tak kot. tk tau na kata laa .hahha
Made New Friends : absolutely 
Stolen Anything : stolen someone's heart pnah la hahah*rasanya

Ten Years From Now
How Old Will You Be : 25
Will You Still be in College : maybe la kut
Where Will You Live : dgn laky aku.*cehh
trimas fer reading my story yee =)

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